Key Benefits

The LightPipe™ Solar Lighting System has a light collector, light transfer pipe and light diffuser assembly. The entire system can deliver light into building spaces for length of 15 meters. “To Successfully daylight a space, the day lighting system should optimize sunlight collection to given climatic region. Sunlight collection system designed for certain regions are Not effective for other climatic regions.” The Lightpipe solar lighting system delivers clean light energy into building spaces giving a feel of well-being and saving electrical energy for lighting during Daytime. It delivers sunlight without any color shift.

LEED Ratings
Daylighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings. Points can be scored on aspects of daylight availability, controls, Renewable energy and etc. in green buildings.

Key Benefits


“The success of day lighting system lies not just in light collection but in effective distribution of collected light energy in a given space.”

Provides three options light diffusers that can suffice all requirements. Be it a high open ceiling industrial/ware house building, a processing area office space or residence. The diffusers provide right amount of light distributed in a space.

Dimming Arrangement

“Ability to control sunlight delivered into building space is key to Human Comfort”

Light pipes are equipped with dimmer arrangements operated manually or motorized to reduce the Daylight. Areas of privacy, conference rooms & office areas require the dimming arrangement.

Integration with Electrical lighting

Provides complete solution of controls for Electrical lighting to switch off them when day light is available.

“Studies on daylighting systems show that 30-50% more energy saving potential can be realized when Daylighting is fully integrated with Electrical lighting.”

In existing buildings where LightPipes are installed. The electrical lights can be simply switched on/off by Day light sensors depending on daylight provided in a space. In electrical lighting with dimmable hardware more precise control can be done. New buildings where light pipes are being planned, It is recommended to have dimmable Electrical lighting systems and be integrated with light pipes- Day lighting system. This arrangement ensures that irrespective of ambient light constant light flux is made available to building occupants.
Performance Details

Diameter of Lightpipe

Lightpipe length recommended

Approx. area that can litup

250 mm

6 m

150-175 sq.ft

400 mm

9 m

300-350 sq.ft

530 mm

15 m

500-600 sq.ft

750 mm

2.4 m

900-1000 sq.ft


Light pipe provide the flexibility of bending the light at obstacles and bending up to 90 degrees.

Wall Mounted Lightpipes

“Top Lighting is efficient than side lighting. But for many practical reasons light needs to delivered from sidewall.”

Innovated wall mounted light pipes for multi-floored buildings. The light collectors are different from roof mounted lightpipes. The light output of these systems varies depending on orientation of wall.

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